above: Will Garner get out of dodge mixed media on stonehenge paper

Guishan said, "One hundred years from now I will be reborn as a water buffalo at the foot of this mountain. On the left side of the buffalo’s chest the characters, ‘I am a monk of Guishan’ will be written. If you call it the monk of Guishan, it will be a water buffalo. If you call it a water buffalo, it will be the monk of Guishan. Tell me, what will you call it?”

Assistant Teacher Angie Reed Garner offers one-to-one instruction, which may address personal practice, dharma study, and koan work. This instruction is available in person and through email and video conferencing (Zoom). 

A typical student schedule might look something like: weekly or twice-monthly meetings (in person or through Zoom), with ongoing dharma study reflections and feedback via email.

A student fee of $125/month supports the teacher to cover the expenses of Open Mind Zen Louisville. This fee is not intended to be a barrier, and must be adjusted to match what the student can afford.

For more information: omzlouisville@gmail.com